Social Media Marketing

You can track Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube all in one location by using a dashboard to track your social media stats and get expert advice on how to enhance your sales.

Facebook Data

Start building your own Facebook dashboard with a few clicks
Facebook has progressed from a simple social networking tool to a hub for people to form opinions and make decisions. Brand engagement, product purchases, and, most crucially, publicly sharing the passion for a firm are all examples of this. Facebook is an outstanding platform for building client interactions, with over a billion daily active users.
The three underlying themes that influence the success of your Facebook page should be tracked in your Facebook dashboard: engagement, growth, and reach. Begin by counting the number of likes, shares, comments, and other forms of post engagement to see how engaged your audience is with your material
At LSAlead, our team is here to help you build the dashboard, analyze the data and help develop strategies on how to expand your reach, identify your market and increase your following

Twitter Data

Build a Twitter dashboard and get to know what your client is interested in!
A Twitter dashboard is a social media tool that assists Twitter channels in analyzing performance, advertising efforts, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to establish the best strategy for providing relevant material, launching effective campaigns and engaging with the Twitter audience.
It will be easier to develop strong, long-lasting relationships with your audience by outlining your goals and using those insights in your future Tweets/Ads, which is the most crucial component of your Twitter social media plan. LSAlead is here to help you plan everything. We will help you develop the dashboard and also help you plan a strategy.

Instagram Data

In only minutes, you may track the performance of your business account or creative account through our automatic dashboard.
Instagram is a key source of consumer traffic, with over 500 million monthly active users. Instagram, a popular photo-sharing social network program, is a terrific way to attract users with vibrant and appealing photos; and with an Instagram dashboard, you can see what types of images your audience responds to and engages with, making it easier to grow your following. Connect your Instagram account to get fast access to all of your Instagram data.
Get to know the people who like and comment on your Instagram posts. Through our Instagram dashboard, you can see visitor data such as gender, age, and geography to help you build future advertisements for specific target segments.