Create marketing dashboards and reports to help you improve your marketing strategy and make more informed decisions. A well-designed marketing dashboard will send a clear message to your audience. Create your marketing dashboard with your target audience in mind. You'll be able to get detailed with your data and stats if your marketing team is the primary user.

Sales Dashboard

  • A real-time dashboard for sales leaders and executives who need to keep track of sales predictions and revenue commitments
  • Effective sales dashboards enable sales management to readily track their team’s progress toward goals, manage pipeline and spot difficulties, and estimate based on reliable data.
  • Dashboards assist sales leaders in immediately conveying performance to all stakeholders since they are very visible in their firms.
  • Modern sales dashboards deliver near-real-time data from your CRM in forms and visualisations that are easier for teams to examine and act on.
  • This dashboard, for example, allows salespeople to analyze opportunities over time, the opportunity pipeline, and opportunities by probability in real time.

Supermarket Visualization Dashboard

  • The retail industry is rapidly changing.
  • Consumers demand an omni-channel shopping experience that allows them to shop from any location on the planet.
  • Retailers have created ecommerce platforms to augment their traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts in order to meet this global demand.
  • Ecommerce is completely changing the way businesses gather data about their customers’ journeys and detect crucial purchasing patterns.
  • Our analysts can develop dashboards to track key performance indicators such as sales, inventory turnover, return rates, customer acquisition costs, and retention.
  • These dashboards can aid in the monitoring of KPIs by providing simple visualizations that can be shared with upper management in order to drive business decisions.