Lead Generation Dashboard

  • Many companies today, as well as digital marketing services, rely on generating new leads through online networks.
  • Fortunately, digital technologies allow these businesses to measure every dollar spent and how it contributes to the goal of generating new and relevant leads, which eventually lead to new business.
  • This dashboard provides a bird’s-eye perspective of digital marketing channels and conversion rates, and it can serve as a starting point for additional research and optimization.
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Google Ads Dashboard

CallRail Dashboard

  • With LSAlead, you can create a CallRail dashboard.
  • In a real-time CallRail dashboard, keep track of your critical communication indicators.
  • CallRail gives you access to all of the phone call data you need, including the number of calls, call duration, locations, phone numbers, and tracking numbers.
  • We created report templates to help you save time and effort.
  • Our call tracking report template is fully pre-filled with all of the most significant call tracking KPIs, so no more CSV files or copy-pasting data is required.
  • In your customizable marketing dashboard design, keep track of all your call conversions, call records, and much more.

Call Tracking Metrics Dashboard

  • By constantly watching all your call data with our call tracking dashboard, you can easily understand the client journey and see the call quality.
  • A call tracking dashboard allows marketers to track their calls from any call tracking phone number, as well as consolidate data from call analytics and digital marketing platforms across different channels into a single dashboard.
  • Create your call tracking dashboard to keep track of all your call tracking metrics and digital marketing KPIs.
  • Because of its preset KPIs, many data sources, and easy-to-use features, LSAlead’s call tracking dashboard gets your marketing team up and running quickly.