Get all your marketing data in one place to own it on your terms. No code required

Move data from siloed marketing sources to Google LSALEAD warehouse with us. Easy steps and intuitive interface: connect sources, pick metrics and dimensions, schedule transfers.

Regain control over your marketing data

Marketing platforms change rules, add limits, or go away (like Google Analytics will). Data warehouses are safe and scaleable solutions in this case.  

And with LSALEAD getting data to a warehouse is easy. No coding skills required. And you can also use the same platform both to move and visualize marketing data.

Built for data-driven marketing professionals

Built for data-driven marketing professionals

Easy to use

User-friendly and intuitive. Connect your destination and source in a few clicks and get the data flowing.

Managed integrations

Up-to-date, and accurate data transfers through reliable connections with popular marketing sources.


Schedule and automate your data transfers. Full control over the process with no extra friction.

Data blending

Combine metrics from multiple data sources in a widget or table to track cross-channel campaigns in one place

Solve even the most challenging marketing data problems

Solve even the most challenging marketing data problems

Control your data and get around any limitations set by third-parties

No more API call limits, worries about historical data in Google Analytics, or other limitations. Securely and reliably move all the necessary data from multiple sources into one place with LSALEAD.

Get the metrics you need for marketing analytics, reporting, and decision-making

You can pick specific metrics and dimensions for transfer and stay in control of what exactly is being moved. Get granular, up-to-date, necessary data from constantly monitored and updated connections with popular marketing platforms. 

Move and visualize data in one platform

Leverage LSALEAD visualization capabilities using your BigQuery data sets as a source. Build insightful reports and dashboards, customize data, apply custom branding. Share on-demand access or automate send out.  

Automate marketing data flow from any source to Google BigQuery in three simple steps

Automate marketing data flow from any source to Google BigQuery in three simple steps

Work Flow

Our Working Process

Direct connection between Google BigQuery and LSALEAD set up in a few clicks.

Pick marketing data sources from native, fully managed marketing integrations. No maintenance required.

Determine how your data set will look like with intuitive schema editor.

40+ integrations and custom API to seamlessly pull your data

40+ integrations and custom API to seamlessly pull your data



Call Rail

Microsoft Ads

TikTok Ads

Snapchat Ads

LinkedIn Insight

Call Rail

Microsoft Ads





Active Campaign


Instagram Ads


Google Tag Manager


Quora Ads

TikTok Analytics

What Converts

Apple Seach Ads


Perfect Audience

Google Analytics 4

Pinterest Analytics

Apex Chat




Google Search Console

Wild Jar

Instagram Insight

Google My Business

Call Box



Reddit Ads


Call Tracking Metrics

Pinterest Ads

Display and Video 360

Facebook Ads

Amazon Ads



Spotify Ads

Constant Contact

Facebook Insight

Google Drive

Twitter Insight

Youtube Analytics

Double Click for Publishers